MICRON’s “world premiere” introduction will be at the next Geneva Motor Show (stand 6432/6434) from March 3rd to 13th 2011.

MICRON sera présentée en avant première mondiale au prochain Salon de l'automobile de Genève (stand 6432/6434) du 3 au 13 mars 2011.



“Let’s all cross our fingers so that this innovation hits our roads soon!”



1.1 - Birth

Anyone will agree that a functional, economical and discreet vehicle for inner city travel would have innumerable advantages. The difficulty is to transform these general ideas into a realistic product. Many tried, but to succeed one needs to think outside of the box.

Independent, individual transport dominates city streets, with over 80% of urban travel being by car. With the MICRON, the immense carbon footprint of this portion of inner city traffic could potentially be cut out. It is clear that what people need is a 100% urban vehicle, with zero emissions and virtually no running costs.

The idea of the MICRON came from the desire to provide such a vehicle by combining the pleasure of driving with cheap, sustainable, zero emissions technology.

1.2 - Concept

A car doesn’t have to be an act of pretentiousness, a mobile display of social status, an aggressive object. It can be a display of collective spirit, of intelligence, of respect and common sense.
EXID Assistance Aux Projets has created a new and attractive concept, different from past short sighted, unimaginative ideas developed for urban vehicles. We focus on:

• Finding the difference that will give a real personality to the Micron;
• Finding the right direction for this difference to stand out, making sure the very specific budgetary limits enable price attractiveness and profitability;
• Finding an innovative and original method of distribution, practical for the consumer, minimizing costs as well as maximizing profits.

It was appropriate to think of the potential of such a vehicle, and so we asked ourselves what is the true definition of an automobile. Taking into account our previous findings, we focused on the “mobile” concept, a non-versatile engine, with its precise functions and with its own (urban) constraints.

1.3 - General vehicle specifications

• Length: 2100 mm - 6.89 feet
• Width: 1000 mm – 3.28 feet
• Height: 1350 mm – 4.43 feet
• Power: 5kW (bearing)
• Weight: 350kg – 772lb unloaded
• Range: 150km – 94 miles on one charge
• Performances: 55 km/h – 34 mph (75 km/h – 46 mph with “over boost” or 45 km/h – 28 mph equipped with a governor)
• Body made of “GREEN FIBERS”, hemp fiber and vinylester resin. (Other alternatives: resin based on corn for example) in RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)

1.4 - Visuals

1.5 - Product advantages

Moving benchmarks, changing habits, such are the raison d’être of micron. Against the current of today’s market, MICRON is a simple, smart, clean and economical electric urban vehicle that brings an honest and pragmatic answer to the environmental pressures of traffic saturated cities, with the objective of a BETTER CITY LIFE. Its environmentaly friendly, economical, smart and its non aggressive aura will shine.

MICRON is a vehicle for all ages. It’s a link between generations; MICRON completely changes the traditional approaches with the possibilities it offers (it can be driven from the age of 14). It is a real family vehicle, which keys shall be on all kitchen tables, for everybody to share (or to fight over!).

1.6 - The consumer wins

“I’m tired of wasting my time in traffic jams and searching for hours to find a good parking spot.”

“I want a vehicle without restraints and total independence; public transport doesn’t suit me.”

“I want a car that stands out from the crowd, and has an eco friendly image. The act of driving a MICRON has to mean something to others.”

“I want to feel I’m doing something useful for the environment, but I mostly wish to have a vehicle that is economical and practical, enabling me, because of its low running cost and price, to keep my current vehicle for longer, rarer excursions, without being a burden on my budget.”

“I have considered getting a scooter, but its lack of protection from other vehicles and the weather has dissuaded me, because I want to get to work safe and dry.”

1.7 - The computer wasn’t invented by typewriter makers

So that MICRON becomes a reality, an investor is needed, though probably not from the car industry, since “the computer wasn’t invented by typewriter makers”, in other words, the MICRON needs a fresh type of investment, seeing as its technology and daily use would be something of a replacement of the modern car.

To succeed in this endeavour, EXID Assistance Aux Projets relies on the expertise of a selected panel of partners, reputed for their excellence in their respected field of work.

The conception of MICRON will be in the hands of the top notch of the automotive industry, one that has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation. The teams (300 collaborators) take part in the complete process of the development of the vehicles, from design to manufacturing, and have gathered valuable experience – over 30 years – of electric vehicle production.

The design of MICRON is in the hands of designer Mark RAIMONDEAU, founder of Mondexdesign, who has built a legacy of award-winning visuals and design solutions for an impressive range of companies around the world over the past decade.

The project leader is EXID Assistance Aux Projets, a project managing company (automotive, aeronautical, infrastructure…) who will steer the project (organization, management, quality control, cost control, deadlines and resources, logistics, public relations & press).

2. Presentation of EXID Assistance Aux Projets

2.1 - Fields of expertise

Helping our clients succeed in their projects, and enhancing their performances is our job and our company culture. Founded in 2002 by Régis COAT, EXID Assistance Aux Projets is involved in three areas: enhancing and engineering organizations, project management, production management (purchases, supply chain…).

Therefore, by listening to our customers we have the ability to bring a large range of answers to many current economical and environmental problems, adapted to the needs of each project, taking into account deadlines, technical and financial constraints.

The solid experience of our team enables us to justify our expertise in all fields of activity:
Telecoms, data processing, automotive, rail, R&D, medical, banking, electronic payments, aerospace, space, defense, contracting, environment, petrol, chemical, energy.

2.2 - Exid, the spirit, the team

Our project management focuses on four main priorities:

• Listening to our customers, understanding their needs and respecting their demands
• The reliability of our consultants in the technical mastery of their professional motivation and their commitment to the success of their assignments
• Managerial assistance through the input of well adapted operational solutions
• The best ratio of satisfaction to profitability on the market

Its structure being of “human size” by choice, EXID Assistance Aux Projets adapts quickly to the needs of its customers and is committed to responsiveness, versatility and attention to detail in order to bring results adapted to the demands of its clients. For this, we rely on a rigorous methodology while adapting to your needs. This allows true project success and customer satisfaction.

2.3 - References


2.4 - Contact

Exid Assistance Aux Projets

23 rue du Départ - 75012 PARIS

Tel. : +33 (0) 1 40 64 70 25

Fax : +33 (0) 1 40 64 74 63

E-mail : contact@exid.fr



Tel : 0036 204 677 426 (français/english spoken)


A couple of interesting concepts were released to the public,
and we wanted to imagine such vehicles roaming our streets!

The Micron will definitely be the most popular choice, because:

Here the Renault Twizzy, which will cost around 10 000 euros (doors not included):

And here the Lumeneo Smera, which will cost 34 000 euros!

The Micron will cost 7000 euros!


We hope you'll be inspired by our little baby, which should be hitting the streets in June 2012!
More info to come soon.

Here's Micron's first presentation video: