A couple of interesting concepts were released to the public,
and we wanted to imagine such vehicles roaming our streets!

The Micron will definitely be the most popular choice, because:

Here the Renault Twizzy, which will cost around 10 000 euros (doors not included):

And here the Lumeneo Smera, which will cost 34 000 euros!

The Micron will cost 7000 euros!

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m_i_mahmoud said...

MICRO! She is the dream for evry one regarding the Enviroment and Energy Saving for Health and Economy.

It may be potted between the hands of Every one of the Youth Graduated Engineers, through the B. Sc. Graduation Project.

"En Avance aveg MICRO" 50 Km/h.

Best Wishes.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim MAHMOUD.
Dept. of Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering.
Faculty of Electronic Engineering at - Menouf - Egypt.
Menoufiya University - Egypt.